Maya (maya_spins) wrote,

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Made me cry

 Here Dead We Lie

Here dead we lie
Because we did not choose
To live and shame the land
From which we sprung.

Life, to be sure, 
Is nothing much to lose,
But young men think it is,
And we were young.

--A E Houseman

No matter my opinion of war, war poetry touches something inside me that nothing else does. 

Naught broken save this body, lost but breath...

--Rupert Brooke, Peace
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have you read much of Tadeusz Ròzewicz? If not, I highly recommend that you read 'Pigtail'.

No, I haven't actually come across him.

I certainly shall, when I can.
there are pins and side combs
in this hair

Yeah. That's...
Precisely the expression.