Maya (maya_spins) wrote,



N-n-n-o... peach.

Dude. It's too bright to be peach.

Um. Okay... peach with a light behind.

*rolls eyes* Peach with a light behind. Uh huh.

It is!

It's the sky. It always has a light behind it. And what kind of lame-ass colour is peach-with-a-light-behind, anyway?

It's not a colour. *spreads hands* It's a... feeling. An experience. It's like poetry. *pauses* Or something. *flails arms*

Uh huh. Sure.

It is!

*long sigh* Okay, yeah, whatever. Peach with a light behind. Poetry. Experience. Got it. *snorts*

*encouragingly* That's it.

*exchanged grin*

Tags: prose
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