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Boldly going nowhere

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We define ourselves by the way we think other people see us. I want to be self-aware. I want to not need other people to tell me who I am.

See, this is why life is never boring. There's always this undercurrent of perpetual mystery -- who are you? And damn, it's fun.

I'm vaguely interested in most things, but so far in my short life nothing has merited passion. I'm still waiting.

Things I like:

Writing: Again, in my short life I haven't found anything of note to write about.

Reading: Several things, though I find it difficult to read non-fiction for very long unless the language is light. Things I do like reading are detective stories; fanfiction (mostly slash); fantasy; Austen; poetry (any kind really, though I like Romantic poetry the best); Bach; Wodehouse; humour in general -- stuff like that.

Acting: I've never done it with anyone watching. I do it all the time when I'm alone at home.

Human Physiology: I think it's brilliant. All of it.

Biochemistry: Ditto.

Movies: Obviously. Anything but horror.

Grammar: I adore it. Subordinate clauses, past perfect continuous tenses, tangled conjugations,illogical plurals -- I love everything about the English language. Though my usage thereof is debatable.