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After I got home from college today I decided to clean out my desk. (The wonder of coming home from college and actually having the time to clean out my desk and having complete journals on top of it! I'm still luxuriating in the glory of so much time.) Anyway, so I cleaned out my desk. I found a few surprising things -- mostly surprising because I didn't remember keeping them, or didn't remember them at all, and a few pleasant surprises consisting of things I wanted but thought I'd thrown away. 

Found a poem that I wrote while I was studying for the second term exams. Even now I can see the weariness and the longing in the lines, thought I seem to have taken my time over it -- the writing is extremely neat!

Soft breezes and lustrous eyes
Beckon gently from beyond the dusty lace
As darkness shines warmly 
Into my yellow-lit room.
The curtains are lifted,
As breeze almost liquid 
Flows over my hot aching feet...
And with the breeze
Come fresh, cool tendrils
Of scents I never knew could draw me so strongly:
Bitter leaves,
Slowly-cooling wood,
Warm, tired earth,
And smells of untainted air...
Silence tempts me too!
Away from the constant indoor noises 
The slow grumble of the ceilling fan
Scratching pens and rustling paper
And that strange indoors buzz.
Outside, the smoot silence
Cool and smooth as glass
And clothed in breezes that run
Would run
Like silk through my hot aching fingers,
Like balm over my burning eyes --
Still the curtains ebb and swell!
But I am bound.
Bound to light and scratching pens and rustling paper
And falsely-moving air coaxed round and round and round and round
By ceiling fan barely stirred.
So I am bound,
And must turn away, hard-hearted
And yet yearning, turn away
And tease myself with barest breeze and barest smells.

It was just a beautiful night, and I knew it wouldn't wait till I could have enjoyed it properly. Damn it, I should have just gone. I was doing pancreatic hormones, and that really, really wasn't worth not giving myself something I wanted that badly.

Come to think of it, I can't really call that a poem. It's bad prose broken up into lines. Oh well. I reserve the right to be surprised -- and pleased -- by my creative impulses.

Here is another ditty I found, scrawled on my two spare glass slides (which I thought I'd broken/lost) with a glass marker. I don't want to think about how bored I must have been -- I'd probably been doing plant physiology. (I hate botany; can you tell?)

(Glass slide one)
To translucent support am I forever doomed
And myriad tiny lives laid to my care
Till at last they are to me  

(Glass slide two)
for all time lost
And I am alone, thrust into Dettol and despair.

So that's how I study apparently. This does not bode well...

My whole body aches, with that pleasant ache that says work was done, and the bed will be cool and welcome. *stretches*

Today's Words: Tired, accomplised, happy, not-stressed, and productive.
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